About Us

By: Andrew Paprocki and Andrea Banyai


HUSTLE & WANDER is inspired by our passion and motivation to be successful ex-pat entrepreneurs . We launched a start-up business in 2015, and from the beginning, we set it up with the intention to work and live remotely.

On September 15, 2016 our ideas became a reality. We left Toronto to live in Bali, with planned frequent trips visiting our manufacturing partners in Asia. With a rough schedule in mind, and a one way ticket in hand, we can only hope our journey fulfills our highest aims and wildest dreams.

Since we are frequently in motion and at times unavailable, we have created this blog for family and friends to stay connected and share in our journey. We welcome comments and guests, and hope our adventures can inspire others to take that leap of faith and do whatever it is that your heart desires.

At times we feel like giving up. At times we can’t believe how lucky we are. That is the story of life, a rollercoaster of decisions worth making, and a game of how much risk you are willing to take. We choose to hustle hard, and expeirence every opportunity life gives us, no matter where it takes us!

xo A&A

Blog posts are written by Andrea.

Photos and website by Andrew.